It is fun to browse magazines and catalogues to find your gown. However, it can be stressful for a bride to look at stacks and stacks of pictures, when there is much to do before the wedding.

One way to save time is when looking for a gown is: know your body shape. It goes beyond tall, petite, slim and plus size. You must also take into account your body line, your physical features and colours (discussed in another article).

First, your body shape. Here are tips to create balance for the most common body shapes:

H: this body shape has undefined waist. Choose a dress that does not emphasize your waist - such as having a line where the waist is. Rather, choose one that highlights the shoulders and neck. You may also choose a dress with added volume waist down if you are tall.

V: this body shape has a broad shoulder, and/or large chest with small hips. You may create balance by choosing a dress that gives you more volume from waist down. If you are tall you may wear those big, flouncy gowns that the princesses in fairy tales wear.

A: this shape consists small chest or small shoulders, with large hips. Choose a dress that gives you more volume on the top, and simplify the bottom - less fabrics and volume. Have details on the shoulders, such as flowers.

O: this shape has a rounded middle. Choose a dress that has a straight line from the fullest part of the body. This shape works well with straight jackets. Aim to create a straight, vertical silhouette.

X: this is the hourglass figure. Emphasize the waist by having details there - flaunt it because you have it!

Remember there are other details to take into account. If your physical features are made of thick lines, then be sure the patterns and designs of your attire are made of thick lines. However, if you have delicate features, be sure the patterns and designs of your attire mimic the delicateness of your features.

So, to save time while choosing your gown, first understand the designs of your body: body shape, sizes of your physical features, and your best colours. Then, only try on gowns that are in harmony with your body's designs.