Wedding dresses come in so many different styles these days but many brides-to-be are wearing wedding dresses that have been handed down through the family.

This tradition is becoming more popular, especially with the cost of some new wedding dresses being extremely restrictive and modern styles not being to everyone's taste.

There is something special about wearing antique wedding dresses. Of course their value is more sentimental than newly bought wedding dresses and I believe that they add an almost magical touch to an already special day.

Many wedding dresses that have been passed down through the generations are made of wonderful silk and lace and the extra age of them often enhances their overall appearance.

Of course these wedding dresses need to have been stored correctly to prevent any damage whilst they are waiting for their next appearance.

It is also possible to find antique wedding dresses at specialist second-hand clothing stores and, if you are really lucky, you can find some wonderful wedding dresses in thrift stores if you live in a particularly affluent area.

Not everyone wants to keep their wedding dresses and you could buy one for a fraction of its original price and add your own personal touches to it if you prefer.

Some ideas for enhancing wedding dresses are to sew little bows, beads or other accessories onto the skirt or bodice, or both if you fancy!