A bridal pomander is a type of bridal bouquet. It is actually an arrangement of flowers shaped into a ball. For brides who love simplicity, bridal pomanders are a good choice. Bridesmaid and flower girls can also carry bridal pomanders. Making them is so easy that you can make your own bridal pomander for your wedding.

Here are 3 simple steps to making a bridal pomander.

Step 1 : Prepare the floral foam.
Cut a block of floral foam into a 2" x 2" cube. Soak it in water. When it is soaked, wrap the cube with chicken wire. The purpose of the chicken wire is to hold the flowers after they are inserted.

Step 2 : Prepare the pomander handle.
Beautiful and decorative ribbons are normally used as the pomander handle. Cut about 1 metre of ribbon and secure the end at the chicken wire.

Use your creativity to create unique pomander handles. Instead of using a ribbon, make a strand of pearls or beads of matching colours to your flowers to use as the handle. It will create a stunning result.

Step 3 : Insert the flowers.
For the flower insertion, it is better to hang your pomander onto something like a stand so that it is easier for you to insert the flowers.

You can choose your own flowers for your pomander. As an example, I will explain using red roses. When your red roses first arrived, they are not dethorned and the leaves are still attached. You need not dethorn and remove the leaves because we are going to cut them short.

Cut each rose to leave around 3 cm of stem. Insert the rose one by one, starting at 12 o'clock of the foam cube, followed by 3 o'clock, 6 o'clock and 9 o'clock. This will form the basic shape of the pomander. Continue adding the roses compactly around the foam. While doing that, make sure that the round shape is maintained.

Make sure also that the foam is well covered with flowers and not exposed. In a pomander, the flowers must be compact and close to each other.

And that's it. Your bridal pomander is done.

These steps just illustrate the simplest form of a pomander. Use your creativity to make more stylish pomanders. With these simple steps, I'm sure you could never make a mistake in making your bridal pomander.

Good luck!