Is the traditional bridal bouquet toss not for you? Many modern gals are ditching this traditional altogether, and looking for new variations and interpretations. Many women see the bouquet toss as pressure, and hate the implication that single women are chomping at the bit to be married.

Here are six alternatives to the traditional bridal bouquet toss that will make everyone happy:

  • Wish Come True Bouquet Toss -- Invite all the women onto the dance floor, married and single. Ask them all to make a wish right as the bouquet is tossed and whoever catches it will get their wish.

  • Fortune Bouquet Toss -- Invite everyone onto the dance floor and have a bouquet that consists of several small bunches of flowers are simply held together in your hand. On each bunch, have a handwritten "fortune" attached to it that you made up. When you throw the flower bunches in the air, they break apart so several people will get a "fortune" bouquet. Before throwing a break apart bouquet make sure they are easily separated and not entwined together so they really do break apart in the air.

  • Longest Married Bouquet Toss -- Invite all married couples onto the dance floor and have the DJ announce that everyone married less than 5 years to leave, then less than 10 years to leave and so on until the couple married the longest is left dancing and they are awarded with the bouquet. Keep in mind that this may not be the right bouquet toss for you, especially if you have a recently deceased grandparent that would have been married the longest if they were still living. This also focuses on married people and leaves out the single folks.

  • Special Honors Bouquet Toss -- Split up the bouquet into halves and give one half to your mother and one to your mother-in-law. The bridal bouquet could also be presented to grandparents, split apart for all the women in the bridal party, presented to your maid of honor, your sisters, a friend who is engaged, etc. Think of someone you'd like to honor and give it to them as a "good luck" bouquet.

  • Favors Toss -- Instead of tossing flowers, toss the wedding favors! Much like candy being tossed in a parade you can toss small or soft favors to the guests. Children can help in the fun, and everybody has a chance to get something. Candy, small stuffed animals, silly toys and gift cards are good choices.

  • Gift Cards & Money Bouquet Toss -- Rather than have fortunes attached to a break away bouquet, why not attach gift cards (from coffee shops, record stores, etc) to your bridal bouquet! Rolled up $1-$20 bills is also fun for everyone. You can invite everyone onto the dance floor, men and women alike.
    So rather than skip the bridal bouquet toss entirely, why not start your own tradition? Unusual tosses can be explained by your DJ, an appointed person or written in your program. Choose a bridal bouquet toss that is meaningful to you and don't be afraid to simply present it to someone you care about.