How you look on your wedding day is of prime importance. As the bride, you will be the main attraction on that day. You will be at the head table and all the guests will be expecting you to put up the best of appearances. No matter how elegant you look, your make up will be the last contributory factor to a great show. For this reason, you would want to pay attention to your make up the same way as you do for your dress.

Experts agree that there are don't and dos for every wedding make up. We have compiled a list of tips from expert cosmeticians for your guide.

Do not try to imitate the make up of others. On the wedding day, you should look much like yourself. You should not look like somebody else. Every make up you put up must reflect and enhance the real you. The make up should enhance your naturally occurring beauty and nothing else.

It is suggested that you rehearse your make up just as you would your bridal walk. During the trials, you would notice that fits best and what doesn't. You will also learn how to feel comfortable in the little adjustments that you would have to carry for at least a day. Try many colors and shares and look at their effects. No matter what you choose, you should end up as your real self.

Lastly, experts agree that your make up must match your skin tone. It should blend with your natural body and its color. You will have to choose a make up that will enhance your body color and form. For you to achieve this, you will need natural lighting and not room light to decide on the color. Stand outside or where natural light can reflect in your face to judge the color effect.