A wedding is always a good reason to be beautiful and a woman's beauty would not be complete without a great hairstyle. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a hairstyle including the theme, time of the day and the bride's hair length.

  1. Chignon. There are a variety of hairstyles to choose from if you have long tresses but the traditional style that has remained classy all through these years is the chignon. Sweep your hair up in a bun without any bangs at all as this will give you a sophisticated look. You can wear it plain or with a hair accessory that will match your wedding dress. This can be perfect whether or not you are wearing a veil.
  2. Down Do. If you have long and glorious tresses then this is the time to be proud of them. You can literally hang your hair down if you think it will do justice to your overall look. If you think buns can make you look old or serious and you prefer to let your hair down then opt for that style. If your hair has lovely curls then it will probably frame your face better.
  3. Sedu hairstyle. This hairstyle is the top option even for celebrities. If you think you can achieve the sedu style then go for it why not go for it. This requires you to have really straight and shiny hair. If not, then you can ask your stylist to use a hair iron or some straightening product to come up with a great result.
  4. Ponytail. If you have unruly thick hair and you do not want to undergo straightening then the best option you have is to tie your hair up. You can twist it and pin it on top of your head to achieve a regal and neat look or you can also opt to just tie your hair in a ponytail with curly wisps hanging down on the sides.
  5. Short hairstyle. Brides with short hair should not worry because they can still look absolutely fabulous on their wedding day. If this is you there are lots of options available. You can wear a tiara or even put some tiny flowers on your hair. There are various accessories for short styles such as combs with specks of diamonds.

Your wedding hairstyle can make or break the look you want to portray during the ceremony or the reception. The best tip really is to actually have a hair rehearsal, weeks before the big day itself so you can evaluate if the style you have chosen is perfect for your face and for your dress.