Perfume can be defined as a woman's signature. We have all worn it at one time or another. Many of us won't leave home without a quick spray or a dab. But when you are getting married, for that very special day, what perfume will you choose to wear and how can you make it last the day?

Will you choose something that you always wear, or are you prepared to try something different, perhaps a romantic scent? Read on to find out how you can create your signature scent to see you through the entire day.

There are some gorgeous perfumes available, take some time to try a few and find the one that is right for you. You could even make a day of it. Grab a couple of girlfriends and visit your favourite department store, together you can have a play around with many of the fragrances. It is probably worth doing a couple of times, as different weather or different seasons might change your mood. Some of the romantic scents you might like to try include:-

  • Cartier so Pretty
  • Guerlain Shalimar
  • Christian Dior J'Adore
  • Lancome Poeme
  • Estee Lauder Beautiful
  • Yves Saint Laurent Paris
  • Thierry Mugle Angel
  • Calvin Klein's Eternity

Once you have selected your scent, you will need to invest in three things, the bath/shower gel or soap, the body lotion and the perfume itself. Together, they will be magnificent and create your signature scent for your wedding day.

When organising your wedding, make sure you allocate yourself time in the morning for a small amount of self pampering, before you have your hair and makeup done. Plan a little time to luxuriate in a nice warm bath or stand under a warm running shower. Close your eyes and feel the warmth of the water on your skin, close your mind to all the noise and activity around you for just a moment. Then reach for the wash cloth soaked with your bath gel, inhale its beautiful perfume and then lather yourself from chin to toes, creating the first layer of your signature.

When you have finished your bath or shower, pat yourself dry with a beautifully thick bath towel and whilst your pores are still open, apply the next layer of your perfume, the body lotion. Using it as your moisturiser apply it all over, including neck, arms, legs, torso and even your feet. Now with the foundation set you are ready to meet the rest of the challenges of getting ready.

Last but not least the perfume. You should plan to put this on no less than 10 minutes before you slip on your dress, to give your perfume enough time to absorb into the skin and dry on the surface. You DON'T want to stain your dress! Spray or dab the perfume on all your pulse zones, behind your ears, on your neck, behind your knees and on your wrists. Do not rub the perfume in, as this will bruise the scent. Just put it on and give it time to dry. With the final layer done, your signature scent is ready!

This will probably last you the entire day and through the evening, but if you wish to freshen up a little, plan to dab on a wee extra just before your reception.