Your wedding day is possibly the worst time that you could suffer from a bad hair day. Woman imagine their big day from when they are girls, dreaming of what dress they will wear, where the ceremony will take place and of course what they will have done to their hair. This is why it is highly important that you thoroughly plan what you want to have done to your hair.

There are many options open to you when is comes to picking a hairstyle for your wedding day. You can create a masterpiece with your hair even though many women are often afraid of going for the style they want out of fear that it won't look right on the day. You should speak to your stylist; make an appointment to have a consultation so that you can describe what you like and what you don't like. Don't worry if you have no idea of what you want when it comes to your bridal hair; your stylist will be available for suggestions. Also if you see a style that you only like part of don't disregard it; tell your stylist what aspects of that style you like and which you don't and explain why.

It is important that certain aspects are taken into account when it comes to deciding on the style that you want for your bridal hair. Aspects such as your personality, wedding dress and the image that you want from your wedding should be taken into account. You should think about the styles that can actually be physically done on your hair and the styles that suit your face shape.

Remember there are always little cheats to get around any problems that you may have with getting the style that you want; for example if your hair is slightly thin for the style that you want you can always fill the gaps in with flowers. If your hair isn't quite long enough for the style you want you can have extensions applied or if you want to hold an up-do in place you can use a tiara. The options open to you when it comes to your bridal hairstyle are almost limitless.

The lead up to your big day can be a highly stressful time and it is easy to lose sight of your normal diet and exercise regimes. If this starts to happen it is important that you take time out to focus on your hair; investing in aspects such as hot oil treatment can vastly improve the overall condition of your hair. Also keeping your hair in good condition on the lead up to your wedding is vital. It is recommended that at least six months in advance of your wedding that you visit your stylist for a consultation and for a hair cut.

The practice/rehearsal of your bridal hair comes one week before your actual wedding day. On this practice run your hair will be cut/coloured for the last time before your wedding; it will also be a chance for your chosen style to be applied to your hair, complete with any accessories that you have chosen. On the night before your wedding day you need to ensure that you do not tie your hair up in any manner and that you have washed your hair on the morning.