As every woman knows getting the right hair style for your wedding day is the second most important aspect of your big day after your wedding dress. Choosing the right hair style is crucial and takes a lot of researching and testing. Choosing the right bridal hair style merely comes down to knowing what you like and what hair styles look good on you.

Many brides are sadly afraid to say what they like as they are afraid of making a wrong decision. It is due to this that you should never start having a hairstyle applied to your hair until you have decided exactly what you like. To help you make this important decision there are a number of questions you can ask yourself regarding hairstyles such as:

• Do you want your hair up or down?

• Do you prefer straight or curly styles?

• Are you comfortable with having hair flowing around your face?

• Would you prefer to wear your hair up high or down low?

• Do you want your hair to be flowing and romantic?

• Are you hoping to have a different colour put in your hair?

When it comes to the decision of your bridal hair style you should also remember you aren't restricted by length. If you currently have short hair but are hoping to have a longer length for your wedding day then have you considered getting hair extensions? Hair extensions could give you the added length, volume, texture or colour that you are hoping for within your bridal hair style. Having longer hair gives you more options when it comes to what style you can adopt for your bridal hair so if you do have short hair but you were hoping for an amazing 'up-do' then never fear as hair extensions will give you the versatility to create any hair style you want and will so many hair extension options open to you there is no reason that you will have to have permanent hair extensions.

The style that you choose for your bridal hair opens many avenues and allows you to almost construct a work of art out of your hair. There are more options than ever open to you now when it comes to your bridal hair, including the use of decorative pieces of jewellery within your hair style. Many bride to be's are using hair accessories specifically for bridal hair such as grips, pins and hairbands, not forgetting the classic use of a tiara. Bridal hair accessories are especially beautiful when they are incorporated into an up-do.

If jewellery isn't your thing or if it is not suited to your hair style/dress there is always the option of using faux flowers within your hair style. Flowers are perfect for romantic curls and for being pinned into up-do's.

Speak to friends, family and of course your stylist to choose the best style for you. Never feel inclined to pick the first style suggested to you; remember this is your big day so make sure you pick a style that best reflects you and what you want from your style.