If you don't already, start improving your diet and this will impact on your skin, hair, nails and eyes. - eat more fruit and veg - drink plenty of water - if so inclined, cut down your alcohol intake and give up smoking

Start regularly exercising, this will help improve your circulation therefore your skin. If you wanted to look your best in your wedding dress, it is best to start an exercise regime as early as possible. It will also help to take your mind of the nicotine cravings if you have decided to give up smoking. - Walk for 30 minutes a day, for example at lunch time during your normal working day. Or volunteer to walk the dog more often. Walk to places if possible instead of taking the car. Have romantic or family walks at weekend in a local county park or an area of outstanding beauty. - Swim. Swimming is a good way to tone up your entire body.

It can some times be a lonely sport so arrange a weekly venue to your local swimming pool with a friend and make it into a social occasion by going for a coffee afterwards. - If you have a particular area of your body you want to work on for example you stomach, bum, arms, or thighs, get yourself a gym ball (they are widely available and are around £5). There are a variety of exercises that can be done on these and they are very good at giving result quickly if used regularly. Use it while watching your soaps. - Dance while you're doing the house work. For most doing the house work is a bore, cheer yourself up and burn some extra calories by putting on your favourite CD and dancing energetically around the house, you might find that cleaning becomes enjoyable.

Start to pay attention to hair and nails

Since you will want to look your best on your wedding day, this is the times to start paying attention to any problem areas. If you have wonderful hair and nails, lucky you, keep doing what you're doing already. However for most of us, we have issues with our hair and nails. Hair - Start having regularly hair trims if you don't already - Use an intensive conditioner treatment specifically formulated for your hair type. - Use heat protecting products if blow dry or straighten your hair - Use shampoos that don't strip your hair of it's natural oils - Massage your scalp when shampooing to ensure healthy hair growth Nails - Use hand cream regularly - Try to keep your hand out of water from prolonged periods of time, wear gloves - Use nail products which specifically target the problem you have with your nails such as splitting, peeling and general breakage - For an intensive hand and nail treatment before bedtime cover your hands in hand and nail cream and wear cotton gloves while you sleep once a fortnight. Skin - use a face scrub once a fortnight to help blemishes by removing dead skin and promoting a health glow. - use a body scrub when showering (not so much for the ceremony itself but for your wedding night!)

4 months before your wedding day

If you order your wedding dress from a bridal shop if may have been created by now and you should be able to try it on. You want to feel wonderful in your wedding dress on the day so use this as an opportunity to assess any body issues you may have as there is still enough time to work on them. Continue to exercise and amend your regime if you need to. Any hair and nail products that you have been using regularly should be showing signs of working by now. If not try, another product while there is still time. If you have decided that you may benefit from salon facials now is the time to begin. You are likely to have a out break after a facial as all the impurities reach the surface of your skin, when your skin becomes accustomed to them, they you will have clearer glowing skin, plus it's also a chance for you to relax.

1 month before your wedding day

This month you really need to step it up a gear, however you'll probably find that as your wedding draws closer there are more demands on your time. - Try to get a good nights sleep - Ensure you drink plenty of fluids - Test out new make up for the wedding to check for suitability and reactions - Start paying attention to your back, it will be what your guest will be looking at during the ceremony and you don't want it spotty, use a bath brush to scrub the hard to reach places or alternatively get your husband to be to do it for you.