While sparkling, rhinestone tiaras remain the most popular bridal headpieces there are many other beautiful alternatives. There are combs, V bands, halos, crowns, headbands and bun wraps. Hats, while not as popular, still remain an option for less formal weddings. Bridal jewelry and flowers are also possibilities. The bride will want to consult with her hair stylist, as well as consider the color, design and accents of her wedding gown.

One inexpensive alternative is the comb headpiece, usually between three and six inches, which is attached to a plastic or metal comb. Combs can be worn on top of the head, on the side, or at the back. They look especially good with an upswept hairstyle. Crowns, circle all the way around the head and are usually studded with pearls and sequins. They are taller than tiaras (sometimes up to three inches) and make a stunning match to wedding gowns with pearl accents. Crown headpieces can be worn with any hairstyle.

Headbands can be satin covered and adorned with pearls, sequins and rhinestones. Or they may be a slim metal band covered with rhinestones and crystal flowers. Headbands look best when the bride's hair is shoulder length or longer and is worn down. Bun wraps are so named because they circle the head closely around a bun hairstyle. They usually have the same height all the way around the bun and can be decorated with pearls, rhinestones and crystals.

Halos are circular, wreath-like headpieces that have sprays of paper flowers and pearls accents. Halos look best when the hair is worn loose and tend to be more popular with medieval and celtic weddings. A less popular headpiece today is the V band, which circles the top of the head and forms a "V" in the center of the forehead. This type of headpiece will compliment any hairstyle.

Tiaras remain popular because the bride can remove the veil after the ceremony and wear the tiara throughout the wedding reception. If the bride is looking for something different, perhaps vintage, there are many companies online who carry these additional selections.