Accessories make the woman. No matter how elegant you dress, you need some one or two accessories to complement your beauty. The same goes for your wedding gown. You need to adorn it. You have to make it look splendid and glamorous.

There are many accessories you can add to your wedding gown to make it look extra beautiful. The most obvious is the veil. Many people look at the bride downwards. They start with the top and then look down. As such, the veil is the first they see. You must choose the veil that best matches the gown in length, fabric, length and style. The length of the veil itself will depend on the kind of wedding you are having, its formality and theme.

Your shoe and stockings mark the end of your decorations. They appear at the lower end of your body so you need to take that serious to give you a complete look. Try many kinds of shoes and see which fit. It must first fit your feet and fit the gown. You wouldn't want to walk clumsy on your wedding day neither would you want to wear something that is totally off beat with your gown.

Little pieces of jewelry play up the glamour of your outfit. Be it a band, necklace or some chain, you get a more feminine and brilliant look with jewels. Like the veil, they should match your gown in every respect. Additionally, the type size, metal and shape of the jewel must complement your body shape and color.

Your gloves will speak volumes of you on that day. Choose the right length and color. It has been suggested that the shorter the sleeve, the longer the glove must be.

Before the wedding day, put up all your accessories in full and then look yourself up in the mirror. Do you look flattered? Are you comfortable in them? Do they match and complement each other? Once you get satisfied with that, you are on your way to a happy event.