Let's say you already have your dress and you're stressing over your headpiece and hairstyle. The big challenge is to match all of them.

You should decide how you want to wear your hair first, then look for the headpiece. This narrows it down a little.

How does your hair look best?

Up, down, or half and half?

If you can't decide, think about how you always imagined your hair for your wedding. That is what I had to do. Once you decide, then you must decide what type of headpiece looks best with that hairstyle. Try on headpieces with your hair similar to how it will be. The veil may make a difference too.

Do you want it long, short, medium?

Do you want a full veil or less full veil?

Do you need to add height by having the veil come from the top of your head, or do you look better with it lower in back?

Once you have decided to style of your veil, then you must match it to your dress. The fabric and lace on the headpiece should be similar to your dress. Match satin to satin and silk to silk. Make sure it is white or ivory to match. If your dress has pearls, then go with pearls. You will know when you find the perfect veil. When I found mine, I knew it was the one!! My dress had 5 rosettes on the back and sequins and pearls on it. My headpiece was a wreath because that's what I always wanted with my hair up. The wreath was a bunch of satin roses with ringlets of pearls spiraling around them.

It was absolutely perfect!! I hope you find what you want. I know you will.