Next to the gown, the bridal shoes are among the most important personal items that the bride will have to choose with much care. You know women and how many are so obsessed with shoes. A bride is no exception, especially when it comes to footwear she will wear during her wedding day.

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the bridal shoes and price is only one of them. The right footwear can make a difference in your mood during the entire wedding so pay attention to the following considerations before choosing your shoes.


Comfort should be your primary consideration whatever purpose you may have for choosing a pair of shoes. Remember that you have to be on your toes for several hours during the entire wedding ceremony as well as the reception. Add to that the time you will be standing for the photo session. Getting a pair of to-die-for high-heeled shoes may add inches to your height but you may have to suffer the consequences. You will also give an entirely new meaning to the words to-die-for.

If you are wearing a long wedding dress then the pair of shoes you are wearing wouldn't really matter as it would not be seen. You can opt for low-heeled shoes to provide maximum comfort during the entire wedding ceremony. However, if you have a short dress, you might want to wear high-heeled shoes during the ceremony and change into something comfortable during the reception.


Why buy very expensive wedding footwear that you will wear only once? Unless you find some that can be used for all occasions then you would be better off buying a reasonably priced pair. The money you saved can then be used for other important items and accessories. Consider economical options over expensive brand names.

Gown design and length

It is best to buy your shoes and gown at the same time so you know the overall look it will produce. An elaborate gown calls for simple shoes and vice versa so you do not look overdressed. Other brides opt for a simple pair that is then wrapped in the same material as their wedding dress. The result, a coordinated look that makes the overall effect more sophisticated.

The general rule when choosing footwear for your event is to match and coordinate it with the wedding gown in terms of the design and the overall look. No matter how expensive your shoes are their price would not matter at all if they do not look good with your gown.