Bridal jewelry has come a long way since ancient times. It has evolved from braided grass and hay to precious metals and fine jewels. Weddings are special occasions that not only symbolize the joining of a couple in holy matrimony but also the union between two families. As more families blend, it is important for people to preserve their own family history. Many people have a family heirloom that is passed down from generation to generation when a son or daughter gets married. In many cases, a mother will present her daughter with a pearl necklace, pair of earrings, or a bracelet to wear for bridal jewelry on her wedding day. Every mother and daughter looks forward to the moment when the bride is presented with her great-grandmother's bridal jewelry. If you are a modern bride that is looking for the latest styles on the market, you may have a difficult time submitting to the "Something Old" tradition. Adding an old element to a modern bride's wedding ensemble may pose a potential hazard. How can a modern bride integrate an old family heirloom with her contemporary style?

Antique bridal jewelry can be suitable for even the most modern bride if she uses the right accessories. A contemporary bride can keep her modern-day style by mixing her old family heirloom with a new element. Swarovski bridal jewelry is the perfect liaison between antique and modern. Swarovski crystal jewelry has a semi-antique appeal with a contemporary, elegant style. Great grandmother's antique pearl earrings would be the perfect accent to a Swarovski crystal and pearl bead set. Swarovski is a company originated in Austria that produces what is known as the finest crystal beads on the market. This company makes dazzling cut crystals, high-class rhinestones, bridal jewelry, and other crystal items. At the close of the 19th Century, a man by the name of Daniel Swarovski (and sons) perfected a formula that produces crystal beads of the purest quality, luminosity, and clarity. Today, Swarovski manufactures bridal jewelry of the finest quality. In addition to the bride's ornaments, Swarovski crystal jewelry also makes wonderful bridesmaids gifts.

A modern bride has nothing to fear when deciding how to incorporate great-grandmother's antique silver bracelet into her bridal ensemble. Swarovski crystal wedding jewelry can give the most antiquated family heirloom a contemporary feel. "Something old" is always followed by "Something New" in the ancient wedding custom.