You've found the perfect dress. You have a great pair of shoes. Your hairstyle fits your gown. But now, what do we do about jewelry? Have you seen the wedding shows that show the brides talk about their "bling"? These brides spend enormous amounts of their wedding budget on bracelets, earrings, and necklaces just to top off their wedding day look. So, what's a bride to do when her whole wedding budget is less than the cost of a diamond bracelet? She should keep it Inexpensively Fabulous! Here I'll give you a few ways to have the fabulous look without the large price.

Borrow or rent. Unknown to many brides on a budget, there are many jewelry stores that will let you rent their jewelry. Do a quick search for "renting wedding jewelry" and find the best vendor to fit your budgetary situation. Many celebrities do this in order to look as if they have these priceless jewels, so you'll be in good company! Besides, no one has to know that you are returning the jewels. All they have to know is that you look fabulous on your big day.

Get the next best thing. If you aren't able to rent the jewels that you want, try the next best thing. Many jewelers specialize in making fabulous cubic zirconia jewelry that looks just like the real thing. Again, guests will never be the wiser unless Uncle William is a jewelry expert.

Go to the teen's jewelry store. These stores are hidden treasures. Although most of the jewelry is for young, teenage girls, they also have a section for prom or formal events. Here you can find beautiful tiaras and jewelry that can compliment your gown. These are beautiful, inexpensive alternatives to pricey jewelry options. It is no less your wedding day just because the "bling" is not genuine.

Make it yourself. Now this may be a stretch, and because I have a friend who makes jewelry, this was a reasonable option for me. As a gift, my friend would make my bridal jewelry set. So, in your case, you can take a class and make your own beautiful crystal necklace with a fabulous set of earrings to match. This can definitely add a personal touch to an already perfect look.