Bridal accessories are not a second thought. Much planning is needed for the perfect bridal accessories. They can range from a tiara, gloves, jewelry, handbag, shawl/wrap and shoes. Didn't we all love Audrey Hepburn's gloves in "Breakfast at Tiffany's"? Start with your shoes. There are hundreds of styles of bridal shoes to choose from. Which one is best for you?

Some of the questions you need to answer before going shopping for your shoes are these:

Am I accustomed to wearing this high of a heel? Choosing a heel that is too high can make for a very uncomfortable day. The last thing you want to be thinking about on your wedding day is how much your feet hurt. If you're not used to spiked heels, perhaps a platform for height might be a better idea.

Are these the same shoes I will be wearing for dancing? If you choose a higher heel for the wedding ceremony, you may want to switch to a lower heel and more comfortable shoe for the reception. Brides spend most of the night on their feet.

What season will the shoes be worn? Knowing what season your wedding will occur will help you choose an open or closed toe shoe.

Is my dress white or ivory? It is important to know the exact color when shopping for shoes, there are many variations of white and off white. Your shoes should match. If you choose to dye your shoes to match, do this early, in case you need to send them back.

Does my dress have a specific style? If your dress has a specific style, try to match your shoes to that style. If you're wearing a Victorian lace dress, button up granny boots might look adorable. However, they might not suit other styles. Try the shoes and the dress together.

Does the fabric of my dress and shoes coordinate? Satin is a high gloss material that matches perfectly with bridal gowns that have satin bottoms. Luxe or "Crepe Boca" replaced the previous industry standard of Peau de Soie and looks gorgeous with any crepe or soft textured dress. Ultra Satin looks well with both dull and matte satin gowns.

Does my dress have a lot of decoration? If your dress has a lot of embroidery at the edge, or many layers of tulle beneath, a highly decorated shoe may catch on the dress. We don't want the bride to trip.

Do I want something funky and different? There are tons of shoes available on the market. From the classic Mary Jane style, to sling backs, buttons, bows, rhinestones, buckles, beads, sequins, jewels, pearls, even shoes with lights that flash when you walk.

Will the shoes be worn outdoors? Weather can play an important factor on your choice of shoes. Dyeables can bleed if worn out in wet grass or sand. If the wedding is casual, you can choose less formal shoes. There are even bridal flip-flops available in the market.

Do I have the price of my shoes budgeted? Shoes prices can vary widely. Depending on what you choose, prices can range from $40 pumps available online to $485 Vera Wang shoes. If designer shoes are what you want, be sure to budget them.

Overall, the above questions should be looked over before you go shopping. It's easy to get distracted while shopping and end up choosing an inappropriate shoe. You want to look great and be comfortable on your very important day.