For many reasons, you may want to buy a dyeable shoe. It could be for budgetary constraints, style or availability. We all like to feel personal about what we wear. We may come across a nice shoe we would like to wear for our wedding but it may not the right color. There is a way out of this. We can dye the shoe and still make it look new.

The kind of dyeable shoe you buy for your wedding ceremony will depend on where you would be wearing it most. If you would be indoors all the while, then you need to buy the shoe that matches that condition. It is an established fact that the color of dyed shoe depends on the source of light. Natural light has a different effect on shoe from that of indoor lights.

Will the new color complement your gown? Every color fits a type of fabric. Have you considered that? Are you comfortable with the height and the leather texture? Your shoe must match your purse. Have you put that into thought?

Look at the weather. Water can damage a dyed shoe and bring a disaster. Will it be showering on that day? Will it be snowing?

Lastly, consider the experience of the dye craftsman. Has he been doing that job for long? Can you count on his expertise? A badly dyed shoe can flake off or discolor upon exposure to the weather. Look well and buy well to avoid any trouble.

Dyeable shoes are becoming definite options for brides who want something unique to wear but cannot get the right color they want. A well-dyed shoe can substitute for a new one but you need to go about the process diligently so you end up with shoe that not only matches your dress but will sparkle in the view of your guests.