Choosing bridal shoes has changed very little over the passage of time in as much as the bride chooses the shoes that 'she' falls in love with and will coordinate with her dress or outfit on that special day. But one thing that most brides-to-be share and that is they usually go for shoes which are lightweight and airy, as comfort is a major consideration when you think how much time the bride spends on her feet as she and the groom meets and greets family and friends to their wedding and reception afterwards.

If you find yourself picking out the bridal shoes before the dress you will want those that are designed to be dyed so that your shoes will match your bridal outfit. Although the footwear is not as eye-catching as the dress itself, it's important to find a pair of wedding shoes which will make your bridal outfit complete. Never underestimate the wedding shoes, as they have more influence over your outfit than you may think.

As wedding costs mount up it may be tempting to opt for cheap bridal shoes to cut down on the growing expenses, but before you do just take a bit of time out to ascertain how much time you will be spending on your feet. If you are planning a big wedding with lots of guests, the last thing you want is blisters and discomfort from the shoes. If, on the other hand, you are having a small event then you may want to consider going for cheaper bridal shoes.

Cheap wedding shoes do not necessarily mean cheap and tacky looking. In fact, quite often it's not possible to tell the difference between cheaper shoes and the more expensive ones as it's the quality and comfort that that you're paying extra for more than the style and design. Therefore, you should be able to find attractive shoes be they pumps, stilettos, or regular styled heels, at any price range.

Once you have your wedding shoes sorted out and ticked off the list of things to arrange, you will probably need to look at footwear for the bridesmaid(s) if they are part of your day. The traditional bridesmaid shoes, like wedding shoes, are quite often made from satin, wild silk and embroidered taffeta, and are available in Ivory and white. Once again, you might want to consider those that allow dying so that you can match them to whatever outfits you finally decide on.