When it comes to getting married there are so many details involved with planning a wedding. From choosing wedding favors to selecting music, brides have so much to consider. Because most guests are more interested in what the bride is wearing more than anything else during the wedding ceremony, brides should be careful to dot every "i" and cross every "t" as it relates to wedding attire. One detail that may seem small but is, in fact, an integral part of a bride's wedding ensemble is bridal jewelry. As obvious as it may be for some, many brides have difficulty making decisions about the appropriate accessories.

The following is a list of common questions that brides may have concerning selecting wedding jewelry.

What is bridal jewelry?
Precious metals and stones that are intended for members of a bridal party to wear during a wedding ceremony encompass what is otherwise referred to as bridal jewelry. These accessories include, but are not limited to a necklace, earrings, and bracelet.

When is the appropriate time to start shopping for bridal jewelry?
A bride should wait until she has found her dress before she considers shopping for her accessories. Upon finding her wedding gown, she should begin her bridal jewelry search right away.

Is bridal jewelry for men too?
Most men would frown upon the idea of wearing jewelry. However, wedding bands and cuff links are made of precious metals and stones and are intended for weddings, thus, appropriately placing them in the bridal jewelry category.

What style of bridal jewelry should I choose?
A brides dress should dictate the style of her bridal jewelry. A dress with very little detail should be embellished with overstated jewelry, while a more detailed dress will need understated accessories.

Do I have to wear wedding jewelry?
Some women are uncomfortable with wearing jewelry on their wedding day because they are simply not used to wearing it on a day-to-day basis. While this is completely understandable, it is important for brides to wear some form of bridal jewelry to help complete their look. Brides that tend to shy away from wearing accessories should be careful not to exceed their comfort level. Remember, simple is better than nothing at all.

What if I can't afford diamond jewelry?
Most brides like the look and feel of diamonds but can't necessarily afford them. Fortunately, there is another alternative to diamonds. Swarovski crystals have the luminance and brilliance of diamonds without the price tag. Swarovski crystal bridal jewelry is a growing phenomenon in the wedding industry. Not only are Swarovski crystals beautiful and elegant, but they are affordable as well.